About Us

The Lobster Slapper Story
Our life and family has always revolved around the ocean and everything in it. From fishing to diving to hanging out at the sand bar and especially lobstering!
Born, raised, and still enjoying South Florida waters, my passion for lobstering began with my dad and his crazy obsession for catching "BUGS". We would spend the entire lobster season in the Florida Keys catching lobster to the the point of exhaustion and we still do to this day. My family has always considered "Mini-Lobster Season" a special holiday. Family and friends would come from all over to partake in this BUG CRAZY adventure. My twins were born during Mini-Season, July 27,2010. Happy birthday, now get on the boat and catch me some BUGS!
Over the years I have used all types of lobster equipment and I have lost all types of lobster equipment. Frustrated with the same old stuff, I designed something new and different, something fun. I wanted a product I could have on me at all times and that wouldn't get tangled in my lobster net or tickle stick and that wouldn't bleed rust all over my boat deck from rusty O-ring's that hold my old lobster gauge. But most importantly I was tired of never being able to find my lobster gauge, "aurghhhhhh wears my gauge??" There has only been one type of gauge... and I have done it all from commercial lobstering to recreational lobstering, and now currently a public safety diver on the City of Miami Fire Department's Dive Team 5. So I know I am ready for something new! Are you ready for something new? Let's get slapped with THE NEW LOBSTER SLAPPER GAUGE.